Joni Ernst

Bio:  Senator Joni Ernst has dedicated her life to Iowa and her country, having served in the military for over 23 years and now in the United States Senate. Born and raised on a farm in southwest Iowa, Ernst received her undergraduate

Michael B. Enzi

Bio:  Michael B. Enzi was born February 1, 1944 in Bremerton. In Wyoming, he started school in Thermopolis, graduated from Sheridan High, BBA George Washington University, MBA University of Denver. Enzi started a shoe store in Gillette and was mayor for 8

Warren Davidson

Bio: Warren was born and raised in Ohio. After high school, he enlisted in the Army going on to serve 12 years. In 2000, he returned to Ohio to help move his father’s manufacturing business forward. As part of reshaping the family

Tom Cotton

Bio:  Tom Cotton is a United States Senator from Arkansas. Tom’s committees include the Banking Committee, the Intelligence Committee, and the Armed Services Committee, where he chairs the Air Land Power Subcommittee. Before, Tom served one term in the House of Representatives.

Ralph Abraham

Biography: Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D., was first elected to represent Louisiana’s 5th District in December 2014 and reelected to a second term in November 2016. The 5th District is the largest in terms of area in the state, spanning 24 parishes across